Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Ornament Bonanza!

It's that time of year again. The ornaments are rolling off the re-assembly line. Check my Etsy shop if you can't live without one. (Hint: You can't live without one.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Warning: This is Awesome

Cine-Bot has made a brief appearance here on the blog before, but now he is officially completed and ready for adoption.


Some people claim to be film aficionados, but Cine-Bot takes it to a whole new level. Sitting in his custom-made movie seat, Cine-Bot is ready for the latest feature to start.

In a former life, his head was meant to be attached to movie projectors to allow a manual fade in or fade out to the movie film. I'd say in this case "nature" won out over "nurture," although his parents brought him up on all genres of film. Personally, Cine-Bot has a weakness for John Hughes 80's movies, but who doesn't?

Provided you're a movie lover, Cine-Bot is happy to let you store a little movie popcorn in his silver body and flip his switch to fade in and out your own scenes.

Bonus: If you sit behind him, don't worry--you can ask him to open his eyes wider so you can see the screen through him.

Watch him in action here!

Reassembled using a Cine-Fade head, silver container body, typewriter part arms, and handle legs. His chair is made using the original Cine-Fade box with added domino armrests and a candlestick base. Approx. 9 1/2" tall, 3 3/4" wide, and 4 1/4" deep. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jay, Sweet and Rabid

Sweet-tempered and slightly pensive, Jay likes to sit and smell the flowers, kinda like Ferdinand the Bull.

But he also has another side. Jay suffers from a well-known malady for those of us who live in Lawrence, KS—he becomes an almost rabid fan when it comes to KU basketball.

With basketball season in full swing, don’t let his calm exterior fool you. This is one serious KU fan with the heart of a Jayhawk. Won’t you take him home and watch a game with him?

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Perfect Christmas Gift? Why, Yes--Yes, It Is.

Christmas Puppies for Sale! They're the perfect alternative to the real thing . . . with a whole lot less shedding, chewing, and peeing.

And, honestly, how often to you get to use "less peeing" in an advertisement?  Good times.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stubby, the Pup

Stubby has stubby legs--it's just how it is. But that bright, eager face is what really draws you in, with those inquisitive eyes and slightly wonky ears.

He embodies the kind of awkward puppy cuteness you can't help but love. And as an added bonus, this pup offers secret storage in the old battery compartment. Portable and adorable!

Reassembled using a vintage Big Beam flashlight, clock parts face, measuring spoon ears, candle socket feet, and a car window handle tail.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Open, Robot

Pretty proud of this one.

It moves.


It's called a "Cine-Fader" and, while it is intended to provide a fade in/out on movie projectors, I think it makes a pretty awesome head.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Trible-esque Warning

So I hate spiders. Like really hate spiders.

My workshop is in our finished basement, which is also the place where the most spiders congregate and hang out. I regularly douse my area, including all the surfaces and objects, with some super spider boundary/killer spray. But I still experience fear every time I turn the corner of the tool cabinet and hop quickly into my chair, lifting my feet off the ground.

So I've decided to add another facet to my spider protection.  There's a couple of dead ones (one in the sliding door jamb and one over by the utility closet door) that I'm strategically leaving in place. My theory goes like this: Other spiders will come upon their fallen brethren and see the horror that has befallen them. They will, therefore, run far, far away, spreading the fearsome warning throughout the evil spider kingdom. And no spiders will invade my space again. I figure it's like tribes who kill their enemies and display their heads on spikes as a warning . . . just like that.

Also, I'm too scared to pick up the dead spiders.

Because they could be faking it.